RubySoft Privacy Policy

Our policy is very simple. The only time we record your e-mail address is when:
  • you sign up for a PhotoFront account, or
  • you order photos from a PhotoFront photographer.
Even though we do require a valid e-mail address for these actions, we DO NOT send unsolicited e-mail to you nor to your clients, nor do we sell or give lists of e-mail addresses to third parties.

We also protect any sensitive information sent, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. via a 256-bit encrypted connection, thus guaranteeing the security of your personal information.

There's no need to worry about unwanted or unnecessary mail in your inbox. We will only send you messages for absolutely necessary incoming orders and order status. We don't send advertisements or unsolicited mail of any kind to any of our photographers or their clients. We are proud to be spam free, and if you have any questions about our policy, please e-mail with your concerns.

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