RubySoft PhotoFront End User License Agreement

The end user of the RubySoft PhotoFront Java client, as well as the RubySoft PhotoFront Web Control Panel, will hereafter be referred to as "the user."

The user waives all rights to disassemble, reverse engineer, unpack (unzip), redistribute, or modify the RubySoft PhotoFront Java client binaries downloaded from the RubySoft PhotoFront Web Control Panel. The user is 100% responsible for where the said binaries are downloaded to, and where they are distributed. If they are redistributed, with or without consent of the user, the user takes full responsibility for the outcome due to the redistribution.

The user is prohibited from uploading images that are pornographic in nature, or sexually explicit in any way.

The user agrees to use the RubySoft PhotoFront Java client software on one computer per software license. The user agrees to use the RubySoft PhotoFront service for their own personal location or studio, and waives all rights to resell, reservice, or repackage RubySoft PhotoFront to any other photographers or studios.

The user is prohibited from any unauthorized access to RubySoft PhotoFront's systems and servers, and waives any such attempts to "hack" into RubySoft PhotoFront's servers and/or system. Authorized access for the user is defined as 1) Creating, deleting, and modifying photographer events, 2) uploading and deleting photos to/from an event, 3) managing orders that have been posted by the users' clients, and 4) modifying the design and look of the user's RubySoft PhotoFront web site via the RubySoft PhotoFront Web Control Panel ONLY.

The user agrees to consume no more than 33% of RubySoft PhotoFront's complete resources for one web server, including, but not limited to, memory, processor usage, and server administration resources.

The following fees do not apply to users who process their own credit card transactions and/or otherwise bill their clients personally. However, if it is requested that RubySoft PhotoFront process credit cards directly, a minimum 3% processing fee will be assessed for all photo orders. The user is responsible for the validity of credit card orders. If the user has marked an order as "Payment Approved," enabled "Instant Billing," or performed "Bill Now" on an order, they are responsible for any additional fees that are incurred as a result of their client's inability to pay for an order (i.e. if they backcharge RubySoft PhotoFront), and the user will be charged an additional $25 service charge. Any post-order modifications or double-order refunds for "Authorize Now," "Bill Now," or "Instant Bill" orders will incur a fee of $10 upon the user.

The user's account will be kept active and billed monthly until the user explicitly requests termination of their account through the account cancellation form at If paying by credit card, the user gives RubySoft PhotoFront permission to keep all information necessary to perform a monthly billing of the credit card, including card number, expiration date, billing address, billing name, and any security codes.

Violation of this contract can result in a warning and possible termination of the user's account. This document is subject to change at RubySoft PhotoFront's discretion. Questions regarding this license should be forwarded to

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